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Since the age of four, William Simmons, II a.k.a. “Big Will,” already knew dancing, performing on stage, and acting was what he wanted to do. 

In order to pursue his dreams, William began training in hip-hop with a junior team called TM Tots.  He excelled quickly and was ready when Poreotics (Season 5 winners of American Best Dance Crew) decided to start a junior team by the name of Miniotics. Will auditioned and made the team. There, he found his love for popping and hip-hop isolation moves.

Popping is Will’s first love, but he is also trained in other dance genres such as: hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, locking, robotics and tricking.  

Will’s hard work, dedication and training has been paying off.  He currently has dance representation with MSA Agency.  Being part of the dance entertainment community has gifted him with being able to audition for and book many dance jobs.  When asked what his biggest job has been so far, William replied, “THE SUPER BOWL 49!! I performed with Missy Elliott and Katy Perry in front of 118 million people!”  For the young age of 17, William has an extensive list of dance credits and has been blessed to work with many A-List celebrity singers, dancers and actors.


As Will’s work in the entertainment industry has grown, he discovered that acting has become his new love and passion. He has a theatrical agent and is enjoying life as an actor. Having booked two movies and TV shows.  Will is in a movie coming out 2019, please join his mailing list to be notified of the release date!


Will has dreams and aspirations to become the next Chadwick Boseman, Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman! He knows it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but he’s up for the job! 


Will also would like to have his very own clothing line, teach and mentor the youth who would love to dance, but because of circumstances, aren’t able to take classes. He is a believer of having goals and what it takes to make those goals a reality and wants to spread the message to “Never Give Up” to anyone who needs to hear it. 


“My goal is to BE GREAT and always be the hardest worker in the room. I strive to be that everyday, in everything I do.” – William B. Simmons



I want to have my own show on any network such as Netflix, NBC, and ABC Family. Some of my favorite shows would be Empire, Black-Ish, and SuperStore.
I grew up watching YouTube as a child and I think it’s my turn to post it out! I want to share my creativity within dance, acting, or me just being me. Hitting a 100,000 subscribers would be very special to me!!
Music has always been a huge part of me. Now it’s my turn to tackle the music industry. I want to create and produce music for other people! I would love to see people dancing to my songs one day!
My style is a part of who I am. I’ve been dressing myself ever since I can walk and talk! To create a clothing line and share it to people who look up to my style would be spectacular.
As a child, my father always put me around superheroes. I watched, looked up to, and even reenacted to them. To play a super hero and give a child that same feeling I had when my favorite hero appear would be great! To see kids dress up as my character in Halloween would be wonderful. Miles Morales, I’m coming for that role!